September 11-19, 2024

Please join us as we host another exciting adventure to Italy! We are headed to the idyllic island of Sicily where we’ll embark on a journey that takes us through the heart of the Mediterranean culture. Discover the secrets of Sicily’s culinary heritage by exploring the local roots that shape them. The tour has been designed to offer glimpses into the past through ancient ruins, centuries old architecture, and churches that were built to impress.

These member trips have become our favorite way to travel. We love the excitement of seeing new places, interacting with our club members, and tasting excellent food and wine from the different areas. We hope you will consider joining us as we eat and drink our way through Sicily. Please note this trip will be limited to 36 O’Brien Estate members and member guests.  Please book soon if you would like to join us.

Please note this trip will be limited to 36 O’Brien Estate members and member guests.  Please book soon if you would like to join us.

Warm regards, Bart and Barb O’Brien


  • Stroll through villages like Siracusa and Noto whose history spans more than 3,000 years, seeing Medieval castles, Baroque churches, coastal villages, and the scenic Sicilian countryside.
  • You are always within walking distance of amazing Sicilian pastries. From the world famous cannoli topped with pistachios, to Apostles fingers with soft cream and ricotta mousse inside a crepe, to the ever popular lemon granita.
  • Visit Mount Etna tasting wines made from ancient vines that weren‘t destroyed by Phylloxera in the early 1900s.
  • Fans of the Godfather trilogy can enjoy the towns of Savoca and Forza D’Agro where many of the scenes were filmed.
  • Bask in the aromas of traditional Sicilian cuisine and the vibrant culture of the historic market places.

Rhine River Cruise
September 22-29, 2024

Join us for our next adventure aboard Uniworld’s newest ship – S.S. Victoria along the Rhine River.

Discover Alsace, whose dual French and German heritage has given it fabulous food and a winemaking tradition that goes back to the Romans. Marvel at castles that were once mighty fortresses and get an insider’s look at one of the only castles on the Rhine that has never been destroyed, Marksburg Castle. Visit historic cities, including ancient Cologne and picturesque Strasbourg; stroll through the fairytale town of Rüdesheim; and taste delightful white wines in the villages where the grapes are grown. Join Bart & Barb for exclusive onboard events featuring impeccable O’Brien Estate wines.

The fun doesn’t stop when the cruise ends – you won’t want to miss the optional 5-night post-cruise land program celebrating the annual festival in Munich – Oktoberfest!

Warm regards, Bart and Barb O’Brien


  • Cruise personally hosted by O’Brien Estate Vintners, Bart & Barb O’Brien aboard Uniworld’s new S.S. Victoria
  • Exclusive onboard receptions, seminar & tasting, and Winemaker’s Dinner
  • Optional Food & Wine Trails’ Oktoberfest land program and bespoke shoreside tours curated exclusively for O’Brien Estate guests
  • Unlimited wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks onboard ship
  • Complimentary Uniworld shore tours in every port
  • Shipboard gratuities included
  • Visits to multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites


Cruise the Nile in a manner once reserved for queens and pharaohs

Known for their adventurous spirit, Bart & Barb O’Brien invite you to join them for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. For 12 adventure-filled days, explore Egypt and the Nile’s most wondrous sites in style and luxury.* Wander amongst the towering ruins of the Temple of Karnak, the world’s largest ancient religious complex, and the entrancing Temple of Luxor. Follow in the footsteps of renowned scholars and explorers as you venture forth into the Valley of the Kings, the ancient burial grounds of Egyptian royalty.

This captivating itinerary begins and ends in Cairo, where you’ll visit the famous Egyptian Museum and its unrivaled collection of pharaonic artifacts. Journey to Giza to gaze upon the mighty ancient Pyramids and the Sphinx.