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Musings from Bart & Barb

Living your dreams is a matter of perspective. I try to visualize what it life was like 200 years ago for the people I am directly related to. Much of my lineage is Irish; the Irish had a sad history under English rule. Cold, miserable, and poor likely summed things up for my ancestors. They could not even dream of the comforts we take for granted today. Push a button to make a room warmer or colder, airplanes, safety, and painless dentistry. We are living their dreams, even at what we might consider bad times. They would tell us that we should not be unhappy for a single minute in this abundant life we lead.

1604, 2024

Mount Whitney Gyrocopter Adventure

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Barb and I will be leaving next week for a fabulous gyrocopter trip to Death Valley and Mount Whitney, the tallest peak in the continental US at 14,505 ft. I plan to fly over it in my gyrocopter for the thrill of it and to capture some great video to show in our tasting room. We tow the gyrocopter in a trailer behind my pickup truck - driving across the part of America that we would typically fly over is a good part of the fun. The last trip we took last year was to Jackson Hole and I flew over the Grand Tetons - 13,750 ft.

2703, 2024

Upcoming 2024 Member Trips

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We are looking forward to our two member trips both in September this fall. Our first trip will be a planned trip to Sicily movement of 36 members in our second trip will be a Rhine River cruise follow by post cruise trip to Munich for the end of Oktoberfest. We had originally planned to have 84 of our members join us for a Nile River cruise but given the war in Gaza we thought we would reschedule the Rhine instead. These member events are so much fun. We get to know our members well remembers it can make friends of each other and we just could not

2503, 2024

The Wine Life

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So great to enjoy a lovely spring day here in Napa Valley! The vines will be waking up from their winter slumber, typically on St. Patrick’s Day, Which will then be the start of the 2024 vintage. The sun is warm, no signs of frost, and our hopes are high for yet another great vintage. I hope you can come visit us and enjoy the seasonality of the vineyards with us.

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