Barb and I will be leaving next week for a fabulous gyrocopter trip to Death Valley and Mount Whitney, the tallest peak in the continental US at 14,505 ft. I plan to fly over it in my gyrocopter for the thrill of it and to capture some great video to show in our tasting room. We tow the gyrocopter in a trailer behind my pickup truck – driving across the part of America that we would typically fly over is a good part of the fun. The last trip we took last year was to Jackson Hole and I flew over the Grand Tetons – 13,750 ft. – so I have been up in the clouds a few times, including Mammoth Mountain at 14,000 ft and Yosemite Valley. If you are curious, these videos are posted on youtube under Bart O’Brien gyrocopter.

When I am up over the peaks, in addition to carefully watching the instrument gauges, I think about what a wonderful life I am living to be able to both test my courage and live my dreams while looking at views few other people have seen. Life is an adventure – the only one any of us will ever have – and I have worked hard to make sure I have used it well. I hope you have fun on your own adventure along with the ups and downs that make the adventure challenging and rewarding. Life is a beautiful gift.

Bart O’Brien