We sincerely appreciate your interest in becoming a part of our esteemed and award-winning wine allocation. Given the limited quantities of our hand-crafted wines, they are exclusively available either at our winery or through our membership allocation list. Our membership allocation involves a Semi-Annual release, featuring 12 bottles (available in Red or Mixed selections) of our premium wines with each shipment.

Beyond the privilege of accessing our exceptional wines, our club offers member-exclusive celebrations. These events are designed to build friendships, provide opportunities for learning, and create moments while savoring our wines in an intimate setting.

Completing this application is the first step to becoming a valued member of the O’Brien Estate Club. We will carefully review all applications and use the provided information to smoothly progress the membership process.

Thank you for considering O’Brien Estate. We look forward to welcoming you to our community of wine enthusiasts.

If you are already a member, please login to access information about your allocations, other wines available for purchase, or upcoming events.