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“For the select few, wine is a foundational element of life. Their palates are sensitive to the nuances that separate fine wine from the ordinary: the nose, the sensation on the palate, the finish. Wine speaks directly to their hearts, their minds, and their souls… and becomes a gateway to every sense.”  ~ Bart O’Brien

O’Brien Estate wines are created for those with a discerning palate in search of wines that enrich life itself. Our wines satisfy the palate, heart and mind with depth and complexity. Made from Estate grapes and offering vintage to vintage consistency, our wines are handcrafted to the highest standards and sold direct to members, without the cost of marketing, distribution, or advertising. Proudly old-school in our approach to winemaking and stewardship of our land, we allow our members to step into our world of grapes and winemaking, and help them understand how one of nature’s greatest gifts finds its way from the vine to their home.

As part of an exclusive club of like-minded enthusiasts, you can look forward to having the finest Napa wine delivered to your home on a regular basis.