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Certified Green

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NAPA Valley Climate


We are located at the base of the valley floor in the Oak Knoll District of Napa, one of the coolest sub-regions in Napa Valley, where warm and sunny days are moderated by the influence of the San Pablo Bay. Morning fog is followed by breezy afternoons and cool nights for optimal diurnal variation. This constant breeze also influences the temperature, averaging 10˚F cooler than up valley. The moderate climate allows for longer ripening times resulting in greater balance, complexity, phenolic development, and mature tannins.


Our vineyards are situated on a large alluvial benchland. It isn’t very deep with only around 16 inches of usable soil of loam set over heavy clay. This, in a way, shares many similarities with Pomerol and the Right Bank of Bordeaux which specialize in Merlot based blends, just as we do. Our benchland lies on the morning-side of the valley, drying out quickly in the winter and providing an early bud break, making our area one of the longest and coolest growing regions in Napa.

Sustainability in NAPA Valley


Our loam soils act as a sponge, and our rootstocks have a taproot to reach down and soak up the winter rain and nutrients throughout the length of the growing season. Their drought tolerance is well suited to our Mediterranean climate. The vines struggle and provide a small and concentrated yield using less water. We rotate cover crops to till into the soil at bud-break based on the vines’ nutrient-needs for the new year. Our vineyard is scattered with owl boxes maintaining a balanced ecosystem for birds, insects, and birds of prey. Our grapes are hand harvested. Careful fruit handling allows us to be hands-off in the cellar. We do not use pesticides or defoliants and are a certified Napa Green winery.

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