We would like to invite you to experience
our home in Napa Valley.

Bart and Barb have lived at O’Brien Estate for the last 20 years, moving our family here with a passion for wine and an appreciation for the Napa Valley lifestyle. Our home sits next to our winery, nestled within the 33 acres of estate vineyards that exclusively supply the grapes we use in our wines.

We knew this site had potential for exceptional white wines with its heritage going back to the historic 1976 “Judgement of Paris” Tasting, when an adjacent vineyard supplied grapes used in the Chateau Montelena Chardonnay, which won first place in the tasting for white wines. But it was unclear what O’Brien Estate was capable of producing with red wines.

Watch: Bart O’brien tells the winery story.

After nearly a decade of learning the subtleties of our vineyards and refining our approach, we began to realize that the red wine potential of our estate was beyond our greatest expectations when legendary critic Robert M. Parker Jr. began to recognize our wines with glowing reviews, describing our three merlot bottlings “as good as Merlot can be,” with extensive praise for our other varietals and blends as well.

Since then, we’ve continued to hone our craft in the pursuit of realizing just how extraordinary this estate can be, while also cultivating a community of wine enthusiasts around the country that enjoy our wines. This direct-to-customer approach means you won’t find O’Brien wines in any restaurants or wine shops, and, with our ability to keep costs low by controlling every step of the production process, it also means we can offer extraordinary wines at reasonable prices.

Which brings us back to our original invitation: We would like to invite you to experience our home, and more importantly, join our extended family of discerning wine drinkers with a shared taste for exceptional Napa Valley wine. As a part of this extended family, we welcome you to come enjoy the beauty of our estate during your next visit, and for those unable to make it to Napa Valley in person, we offer to share this special place and experience with you in every bottle of O’Brien Estate.

We Look Forward to Connecting With You Soon,
Bart & Barb

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